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Mariana Van Zeller Net Worth: Biography & Net income [2023]

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Mariana Van Zeller Net Worth: Mariana Van Zeller is a Brazilian journalist and correspondent for VICE News Tonight on HBO. She also worked as a correspondent for AL Jazeera English, Fusion, and ...

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Mariana Van Zeller Net Worth: Mariana Van Zeller is a Brazilian journalist and correspondent for VICE News Tonight on HBO.

She also worked as a correspondent for AL Jazeera English, Fusion, and RT America.

She also worked in different places around the world, including Haiti, Cuba, North Korea,& Ferguson, Missouri.

Mariana has won several awards for her work including an Emmy award in 2016. In this article, we will take a look at career & Mariana Van Zeller net worth.

Mariana Van Zeller

Mariana Van Zeller is one of the most successful, richest & most popular journalists. She is ranked on the list of 9745 popular journalists.

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She has been given the Dupont Award (for her Fusions Tv investigation ), the Living Ston Award for Young Journalist (for her report “Rape on the Reservation”), Peabody Award-winning girl & correspondent for national geographic channel & a chief correspondent for Fusion.

Mariana Van Zeller was born on May 7,1976, in Cascais, Portugal. (Mariana Van Zeller Net )

How did Mariana Van Zeller become a journalist?

Mariana Van Zeller became a journalist after she graduated. She started her career by working as a production assistant for a local news station in Brazil.

Then Mariana moved to the United States and started working as a correspondent for various news networks.

Mariana’s Study

Mariana studied international relations at the Universidade Lusiada de Lisboa. After graduation, she applied for a Master’s degree at Colombia University Graduate School of Journalism three times.

The first time her application was rejected, and the second time her application was wait-listed; finally, in 2001, she flew to New York and knocked at the Dean’s door, and there she told him about her wish to be a journalist.

Dean was charmed by her speech, allowing her to enroll in the course. She studied Arabic at Damascus University in Syria in London to seek better stories in the Middle East.

Mariana is an incredibly accomplished journalist, but what many people may not know is that she is also a highly educated individual.

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She studied at both Oxford University and Columbia University, where she obtained her master’s degree in international relations.

Mariana’s education has given her a unique perspective on the world, which she brings to her reporting.

She is an excellent journalist and an even better person. Her education has given her the tools to understand complex global issues, and her reporting has brought attention to many important stories that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Mariana Van Zeller is a model for aspiring journalists everywhere.

Mariana’s Parents

Mariana is daughter of Eduardo Belo Van Zeller & Marta Filomela De Vilhena De Betten Court.They are both journalists.

Her father has worked for several news organizations, including TV Globo, Record TV, and Rede Bandeirantes, and her mother worked for Radio Suisse Romand and Tages Anzeiger.

Her parents divorced in 1995.

Mariana’s profession

Mariana Van Zeller is a Portuguese journalist and correspondent for National Geographic Channel. She is also a chief correspondent for Fusion.

Mariana Van Zeller is a former correspondent for the Vanguard documentary series on the former Current TV. She started working as an intern for CNN International in 1999.

After that, Mariana worked at CNN as a producer and correspondent for shows such as World News, Paula Zahn Now, and Special Assignment.

In 2003, Mariana became a correspondent at NBC News and MSNBC. Mariana has worked on CNN, ABC, PBS, CBC, Channel 4 (UK), and other television networks.

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Mariana’s work as a journalist is highly respected. She has been able to provide powerful and insightful coverage of important events and stories that often go overlooked by the mainstream media.

Her work has helped to bring attention to important issues and shine a light on the human rights abuses that often occur in under-reported areas of the world.

Mariana is a strong advocate for freedom of speech and the press, and she uses her platform to stand up for the rights of journalists everywhere.

Personal Life

Mariana keeps her personal and love life private. Mariana is currently living a happy life with her family.

Mariana has been a senior correspondent for Fusion, covering everything from the Zika virus to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Mariana is also a National Geographic Channel correspondent and won an Emmy Award in 2013 for her work on CNN International’s coverage of the Arab Spring.

Mariana Van Zeller Net Worth

The lady married Brazilian filmmaker Gustavo Mesquita, and the two have a young daughter.
Mariana married Darren Foster, a series producer and director with the National Geographic Channel.

Her husband was Darren Foster, an Australian cameraman, and Mariana has a daughter named Valentina from the relationship.

Mariana has a son name Vasco .On March 17, 2015, Mariana officially became an American citizen. Mariana is currently living a happy life with her family.

Career and work category

Two years after graduation, Mariana joined the Portuguese private television network SIC. She worked on the main channel’s travel and international departments.

She moved to New York in 2001 after enrolling in a Master’s Degree.

In 2001 September 11 occurred, and she was interviewed by the producer from SIC Noticias, where she had previously worked as an intern.

Her work can be classified into three main categories: reporting, anchoring, and hosting. She has been a reporter for over a decade and has covered many important news stories from all over the world.

She is an excellent interviewer and has a knack for getting people to open up about their experiences. Mariana is also an excellent host and has hosted many news programs over the years. She is currently the co-anchor of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

The producer directed Mariana to meet a news crew atop the CBS Building in Midtown Manhattan, where she would go live in three hours.

Mariana Van Zeller Net Worth

Before going on air, Mariana was told to prepare herself because the whole Portgual would watch. Here after completing her Master’s, Mariana moved to London to work for a documentary producer in the hope of covering the Iraq war.

For the next two years, her freelance documentaries from Syria appeared on PBS’s Frontline/World, the CBC, and Channel 4.

Mariana joined Current TV, where she worked as a correspondent and producer for the Vanguard documentary series in 2005.

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The primary source of Marianas’s income is her salary from working as a journalist. She also connects with social media and van Zeller); Instagram-68.5k(@marianaz); Twitter-20.9k(@marianaVZ) Her TV shows Vanguard, Narco Bling, Obamas Army, EI.

She has huge fan followers on Facebook-22k (@mariana Chapo: CEO of Crime, Pimp City: a journey to The Center of the sex slave trade.

The intelligent girl Mariana is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, and French.


In Mariana’s work life, her husband, Darren Foster, is her main partner. Mariana is in a long-term relationship with her partner, who is also a journalist. Mariana’s partner has worked as a correspondent for CNN, NBC News, and CBS News.

Mariana’s partner is also a winner of several awards for their journalism, including three Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award.

The Updated Net Worth of Mariana

Mariana Van Zeller worked as a correspondent for Al Jazeera, English, fusion, and RT America. Her work has taken her to many different places around the world, including Haiti, Cuba, North Korea, and Ferguson, Missouri.

She participates in television shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live.

She earns additional money by participating in shows apart from her journalism career. She earned $50000 per episode by starring in Girlfriend Intervention which makes an additional $205850 annually.

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The salary from her work in all these organizations will add up to Mariana Van Zeller net worth. We also need to look at a few more things to increase our understanding of what she is earning.

Mariana Van Zeller net worth

According to an analysis based on Forbes, IMDB, Wikipedia, and online resource Mariana Van Zeller approximately $1.5(2022) Million. Mariana Van Zeller net worth is estimated to be between $500 and $700.

Mariana Van Zeller Net Worth is also increasing sharply. Mariana van Zeller has a net worth of over 900,000 dollars as of 2020.

Mariana’s Previous Year’s Net Worth (2021) was -1.3 million. Mariana van Zeller’s Income: Per Year: $ 4,00,000; Per Month: $ 32,000; Per Week: $ 8,000.

Mariana Van Zeller net worth is currently unknown. However, it is estimated that she earns a salary of $ 2,50,000 per year from her work as a journalist. Mariana has been involved in several business ventures over the years which have a net worth of $1 million.

Note: Mariana Van Zeller net worth is based on online available information.

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