Chanel West Coast Net Worth: Wiki, Personal life [2023]

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Chanel West Coast is an American rapper and TV host who has a net worth of $3 million. He is famous for her appearances on MTV shows like “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” ...

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Chanel West Coast is an American rapper and TV host who has a net worth of $3 million.

He is famous for her appearances on MTV shows like “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” and “Ridiculousness.”

She starts her show business career at a relatively young age and outside of music and acting and has created clothing lines and several cannabis-related products.

It’s time to count Chanel West Coast net worth and so on.

Early Life

Chelsea Chanel Dudley, popularly known as Chanel West Coast, was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 1, 1988.

chanel west coast early life

Her father’s name is Jamie Dudley, who worked as a DJ in New York City, and her mother is Penny Porsche, an adult film actress.

She was raised in New York City and North Hollywood to spend time with her mother and her father, who lived apart.

Her father was a DJ, and she was exposed to the music industry from a very young age.

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She regularly attended nightclubs with her father to sing and dance. She became interested in rap music and subsequently started creating her rap at the age of 14.

Chanel West Coast attended high school for a few years but ultimately finished her education through homeschooling.


Chanel West Coast acquired her early education at West Coast Elementary Education and attended Taft High School for two years.

Then she dropped out of High School and started studying at home. West Coast graduated from a local University in the United States.

Personal Life

Chanel’s marital status is unmarried. She is currently in a relationship with Dom Fenison, and they have one daughter Bowie Breeze.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth has had several past relationships, but she hasn’t led to a happy ending- Marriage.

chanel west coast personal life

She has had three public relationships. West Coast’s first lover was Saul Garcia, and the relationship ended following the death of Saul Garcia because he had been shot and killed on December 5, 2007.

She went to her Twitter account to dedicate posts for him as the incident led to some emotional moments.

This year, Chanel met Chris Plaff when Chanel was working as the receptionist in Rob Dyrek’s show. They started dating in 2011 and broke up in 2014.

Then West Coast met Liam Horne, a Scottish Singer, and their relationship was steamy. The two posted each other on their social media accounts, but the relationship ended.

Since she kept her recent relationships out of the public eye, she seems to be focusing on her music career as she doesn’t have the time to date.

Many of Chanel West Coast’s fans have always said she is dating Rob Dyrek. Once spread in 2015 that Chanel West Coast was transgender, and many memes circulated that Lee Norris underwent a sex swap surgery to become Chanel West Coast.

The whole thing was entirely a joke, and although many individuals took it seriously, the story was utterly ridiculous, with her fans rubbishing the claims and giving valid evidence.


Chanel West Coast is a beautiful hot, gorgeous girl with an attractive and charming personality.

She started her acting career by playing the central role of herself in an American reality television series titled “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” from 2009 to 2015.

She played the role of “Sheila” in an episode of the 2011 American television series “The Hard Times of RJ Berger.”

Chanel first met Rob Dyrdek at age 20, and she started working for him as a receptionist on his reality show, “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.”

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She used this connection to start working as an actress on MTV shows, making her debut with “The Hard Times of RJ Berger.”

She began to appear alongside Dyrdek on “Ridiculousness,” a reality show.

She also appeared on “Fantasy Factory” for the first time during the show’s fifth season and continued to appear on “Ridiculousness” and “Fantasy Factory,” she also established herself as a voice actor with a role in the animated series “Wild Grinders.”

In 2017, Chanel booked a recurring role on the fourth season of “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.”

Chanel West Coast started her music career when she started working with MTV. In 2009, she began collaborating with various other artists and recorded her debut single, “Melting Like Ice Cream,” with Tiffanie Anderson.

Her following tracks are included “PHAMOUS” and “I Love Money.” In 2012, Chanel was signed by Lil Wayne, Young Money Entertainment.

Then she released her first mixtape,” Now You Know,” in 2013. She promoted the mixtape with several tours.

Her second mixtape is entitled “WAVES,” In 2014, she started to release tracks like “Blueberry Chills” featuring Honey Cocaine.

The next few years, he continued to release tracks like “Miles and Miles” and “Bass in the Trunk,” She has released several mixtapes and singles, including “Sharon Stoned” (2012), “New Feeling” (2015), and “Nobody” (2018).

She has also appeared in several films and television shows, including Hollywood Saturday Night (2012) and RJ Berger’s Hard Times (2010).

Chanel played Flipz in the animated series Wild Grinders from 2012 to 2015.

Chanel West Coast net worth

Chanel West Coast Net Worth has accumulated approximately $3 million net worth.

In 2019 she purchased a $1.65 million property in the sought-after suburb of Hollywood Dell in Los Angeles, which is freshly renovated as of 2018 and features a good 2,600 square feet of living space.

chanel west coast car

The house has hardwood floors, stucco flooring, and a 2-car garage, making this property stand out.

Chanel has earned a sizable amount from these gigs, the most being from “Wild Grinders,” where she made over $174,000.

She earned around $142,000 as co-host on “Ridiculousness,” on “New Music Live,” she earned $108,000, and her very first job in “fantasy factory” earned her $81,000

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