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Ace Frehley net worth is estimated at $2 million, and he is an American rock musician. He is greatly known by his stage persona, “The Spaceman,” and is most famous for being ...

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Ace Frehley net worth is estimated at $2 million, and he is an American rock musician.

He is greatly known by his stage persona, “The Spaceman,” and is most famous for being the lead guitarist and co-founding member of the rock band Kiss.

Ace Frehley also played with the band from 1973 until 1982. During this time, he embarked on a successful solo career.

Nowadays, Ace Frehley is considered one of the best metal guitarists of all time. Skilled guitar-playing, he has acted as a lead vocalist for Kiss and other bands.

Frehly has also customized his guitars to shoot rockets and emit flashing lights based on the song’s rhythm.

But what is Ace Frehley net worth?

In This article, We can learn about Ace Frehley net worth, early life, source of income, career, personal life, and more.

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What is Ace Frehley Net Worth?

Full Name Paul Daniel Frehly.
Net Worth$2 Million
Date of BirthApr 27, 1951
Age72 Years
Place of BirthThe Bronx
ProfessionSongwriter, Musician, Guitarist
Last Updated2023

Early Life

Ace Frehley was born on April 27 1951 in The Bronx, New York City whose original name was Paul Daniel Frehly.

Carl Frehley is his father & Esther Frehley is his mother.

Ace Frehley was raised in a musically inclined family. He has two siblings. Charlie Frehley is his brother & Nancy Frehley is his sister.

Ace Frehley early life

Ace Frehley’s passion for the guitar began in his early teens, influenced by artists Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin who played in several local bands before joining Kiss in 1973.

He became one of the most recognizable guitarists in rock music history in the 1970s and 1980s thanks to his distinct style, technical prowess, and charisma on stage as “The Spaceman.”

All these also increased Ace Frehley Net Worth.

Ace Frehley started playing the electric guitar at an early age and he received the instrument as a Christmas present.

He spent much of his free time teaching himself how to play the guitar.

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Ace Frehley first earned his nickname when he was in high school.

His friends called him “Ace” because Frehley was able to get dates with essentially any girl he wanted.

Ace Frehley also helped his friends get dates like him. Due to a connection with a New York street gang, he left his reading middle time.

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Ace frehley Net Worth

Ace Frehley net worth is $2 million, as of 2023. Ace Frehley made about $500,000 per show in 2014, during the band’s final tour.

Ace Frehley Net Worth Source

Frehley’s career with Kiss was financially challenging.

The band began to generate a sizable revenue by the middle of the 1970s via album sales, live performances, and merchandise.

Parting with Kiss, he continued to earn a share of the band’s profits until 1985, the agreement they signed together.


Ace Frehley joined Kiss during his younger years.

He was joined kiss, which probably saved his life as he was moving into a downward spiral.

Ace Frehley adopted the name “The Spaceman” due to his love of science fiction.

Kiss showed potential, but his income was not enough to pay the bills.

Ace Frehley career

So, he found himself driving a cab part-time. Frehley was able to leave Kiss because their boss gave the band members a $50 weekly salary.

Ace Frehley’s other bands were The Four Roses, Honey, and The Magic People.

He achieved significant success with the Cathedral band, though for this, him to drop out of high school.

But Ace Frehley returned and earned his diploma. He supported himself in the meantime with odd jobs like mail, furniture, and liquor delivery.

In the early 70s, Ace auditioned for the band Kiss. Though his image was deemed unsatisfactory, his guitar-playing skill was certain.

Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, and Paul Stanley all wanted him aboard and in 1973, the band had formally become Kiss as the lead guitarist.

Ace Frehley also used his graphic design skills for the band’s lightning-bolt logo.

In 1974, Kiss released their self-titled debut album & Frehley wrote two of the album’s tracks, including “Cold Gin.”

Ace Frehley was not confident about his singing voice. Gene Simmons took over the majority of vocal duties till 1977.

He sang “Shock Me” for the album “Love Gun.” Frehley wrote many songs for the band, though he wasn’t singing the words himself.

Each member of Kiss released their eponymous solo album, in 1978.

Between them, Ace’s was the most popular and he sold the most copies.

The track “New York Groove” reached the Top 20 charts in the United States.

Then Frehley became a more active creative force within Kiss over the next few years and he contributed several songs for the albums “Dynasty” and “Unmasked.”

Throughout 1980, Ace started to gradually involve himself less and less with the band’s music, starting with a rejection of the group’s idea to make a concept album “The Elder”.

In 1982, he had completely left the band.

After leaving Kiss, Ace Frehley still received a share in the Kiss partnership until 1985.

It allowed him to take 25% of the profits for the albums “Lick It Up” and “Animalize” despite contributing nothing to their production.

Ace Frehley then formed the band “Frehley’s Comet,”.

He signed a deal with Megaforce Records and released a self-titled album in 1987 and the album charted well and sold almost 500,000 copies.

Ace rejoined Kiss in 1996 for a reunion tour and contributed minimally to their new album, “Psycho Circus.”

He toured twice more with Kiss – once in 2001 and again in 2018.

Personal life

Ace Frehley previously dated Wendy Moore, Kim Rowe, and Diane Cusanoy and married Jeanette Trerotola.

Ace Frehley personal life

His recent relationship was with Rachel Gordon from 2010 to 2019. Now Ace Frehley was unmarried as he divorced Jeanette Trerotola.

In February 2013, a bank in Yorktown, NY foreclosed on Ace’s house after he failed to pay $735,000 worth of mortgage payments as he also neglected to pay two years’ worth of property taxes on the 3-acre home.

For these, he owed interest, late charges, and other fees.

Through Ace Frehley’s Net Worth is huge nowadays, he has been facing several setbacks.

In 1982, he left Kiss and filed for bankruptcy. Because he was unable to pay his debts and 1991 he was sued by his former manager for $10 million.

Former bandmates sued him for $100 million in 1999.

Ace Frehley was sued by a hotel for $100,000 as he allegedly caused $10,000 in damage to a room in 2008 & in 2014 Ace was sued by a man for $1 million as he allegedly assaulted him.

He was not an Active Celebrity. This is another cause for Ace Frehley net worth.

As of now, he has just released six solo albums since leaving “Kiss” in 1982.

So Ace Frehley net worth may seem low compared to his Kiss bandmates.

These have undoubtedly played a role in his current financial standing.


Currently, Ace Frehley net worth estimated is at $2 million.

He has had a successful solo career, releasing six studio albums.

Though Frehley financial struggles in the past decades his incredible talent and impact on rock and roll will forever cement his status as a legendary guitarist.

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